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This page features:

  • Introduction to Peakbagging
  • Links to Peakbagging Sites
  • Links to Peakbagger Organizations
  • Quick links to EZ-print Peakbagger lists
  • Ideas for developing your own Peakbag


This is the sport of completing a checklist of peaks in a given region or with a common thread.

Perhaps the best known peakbagger list is the "46ers," which is a select group of individuals who have tackled each of the 46 highest peaks in New York's Adirondack Mountains. Another popular peakbagger list is the "High 50," which are those trying to attain the highest point in each of the 50 United States. Perhaps the ultimate peakbaggers are those who attempt the highest point on each continent.

Some peakbaggers are straightforward -- climb it and be done with it. Others feel that special considerations apply. The "official" Catskill (NY) 35, for instance, requires that a certain number of summits be made in the dead of winter.

Individual peakbagging checklists can be almost anything. My daughter, for example, has set her sights on climbing each of New Hampshire's White Mountains beginning with the letter "W." (She counts Wildcat Mt., even though she rode the gondola to within 100 vertical feet of the summit before she climbed it...a chip off the old block!)

Other "bags" may not be peaks at all, but a checklist of whatever hikes happen to appeal to you. You might want to slackpack every public beach in Oregon, for instance. Whatever it is, it is an enjoyable, goal-oriented way to chart your success.

Peakbagging Links

  • Adirondacks high peaks, links, photos, & descriptions. Excellent site, bilingual French/English. Includes list of the 47 highest peaks in the Adirondack. Each mountain has a link to a page with pictures, information and trails suggestion. Site by "Jacques & Johanne."

  • Adirondacks "Quest of a 46er" personal site by "Tim" with plenty of photos, journals, progress reports. Read this, and you'll understand the mindset of peakbagging.

  • California 100 Peaks California's ultimate peakbagging list, this happens to be a personal journal that has gradually evolved into a full-blown and very informative website.

  • California another 100 Peaks site, this one by the Sierra Club.

  • Catskills The Catskill 3500 Club is an organization dedicated to climbing and protecting those Catskill peaks over 3500 feet. Good site includes peak lists, photos, descriptions, climbing tips; excellent site.

  • Colorado The 14ers are peaks in excess of 14,000 feet. Good site with roster, descriptions, photos, and a list of "also rans" for the purist. by Bill Middlebrook.

  • New England 4000 footers Excellent website with all the routes & information you can imagine, including data on others working on bagging all these peaks. In-depth and detailed site, loads quickly without overly burdensome graphics. Site by Mohamed Ellozy.

  • New England 100 Highest The 100 Highest list may seem like a "lofty" goal, but because the mountains are so close to the Boston/New York metro areas, this peakbagging list is completed more often than you might think.

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