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Rhode Island Hiking Trail Finder

This site is designed to provide quick, organized access to informative Rhode Island hiking websites. Hiking enthusiasts like you have created excellent web pages on Rhode Island hiking trails -- then posted those pages on free web servers -- only to be ignored by search engines. The purpose of this site is to provide a way to find these personal hiking pages, and make your research easier.

  • Blackstone Valley Tourism Council Page, comprehensive list of hiking opportunities in the Blackstone Valley, from Blackstone Gorge to Powder Mill Ledges. Much better than the average tourism council fare.

  • Block Island General Trails info page, on something called the JuicenJavaLounge.com site. With a name like that, you surely can't expect much, so you'll be pleasantly surprised how much info is here. Good site, lots of trail facts.

  • Ell Pond Preserve Nature Conservancy spot. Not so much a hiking webpage but info the hiker will find helpful nevertheless.

  • General Audobon Society of Rhode Island Refuge Trail Maps page. Good stuff, maps load fast and are well done. Refuges include Caratunk, Davis Memorial, Fisherville, Fort Kimball, McIntosh, Parker Woodland, Powder Mill Ledges, Ruecker, Long Pond Woods, Touisset Marsh. A must bookmark page for RI residents.

  • General awesome site with clickable maps for virtually every popular hiking and natural area in RI. Site by William Saslow.

  • General Another birding site that is loaded with information for the hiker. The bird stuff is sort of interesting too.

  • General/Rock Climbing site for climbers, but full of information on interesting rock formations for the slackpacker. On the NewEnglandBouldering.com site, which is a great source of info for cool rock formations and outcroppings all over New England.

  • General Here's the "Wildwander" (abbreviation of Wilderness Wanderings) blog by Kim Bartell which is sort of an all-around New England hiking blog but mainly features Kim's frequent ramblings through RI. Click on this blog and you'll visit places like the Carolina Wildlife Management Area, Arcadia Management Area, Great Swamp, and plenty of nearby spots in Mass. Enjoyable reading with some helpful links and tips.

  • General -- State Parks Clickable map links to every Rhode Island State Park. State site.

  • Jerimoth Hill not so much of a hike but a way to reach this highest point in the state. Courtesy the RIroads.com site.

  • Lawton Valley fascinating and fact-filled narrative written by Richard Champlin, botanist and retired librarian from Newport. Great photos, info on the Raytheon Employees Wildlife Habitat Committee website!

  • Lawton Valley Trail Guide; online .pdf file -- a free "e-book" if you will. Good stuff from those Raytheon Wildlifers...thanks REWHC!

  • Lincoln Woods bouldering site, but great info for the hiker as well.

  • Newport Cliff Walk here's the map, directions & info you'll need for this historic and very popular hike.

  • Newport Harbor Walk north and south harbors, Rose lighthouse, also cliff walk. Another very informative site.

  • Tippecansett Trail The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Tippecansett Trail begins at the RI - CT border. It runs through Dinosaur Caves and Cliffs up to something called Signpost Tree. Descriptive page on the Yawgoog site (see below) by David Brierley. We pulled this one out for an individual listing because of its popularity.

  • Yawgoog Trails This is a comprehensive -- and we do mean comprehensive -- website detailing the hiking trails at the Yawgoog Scout Reservation on the RI/CT border. Lengthy trail descriptions, maps, and more. Hikers who are not officially camping at Yawgoog ("non-campers") are welcome to hike on marked trails in the undeveloped western and northern areas of the Reservation, including the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Narragansett and Tippecansett Trails. A detailed explanation of the everything is close to Providence. Anyway, my favorite southern New England book, Best Hikes With Children in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, features 16 Trails in Rhode Island alone. Written by Cynthia and Thomas Lewis, this book goes well beyond the typical 1/4 mile park nature loops that anybody can find. This is for children that aren't afraid to be challenged a bit (but not too much) and will appreciate more stimulating scenery and environments. And parents...try to keep up...ok?

    -- Rick Bolger

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