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Mississippi Hiking Trail Finder

This site is designed to provide quick, organized access to informative Mississippi hiking websites. Private hiking enthusiasts like you have created excellent web pages on Mississippi hiking trails -- then posted those pages on free web servers -- only to be ignored by search engines. The purpose of this site is to provide a way to find these personal hiking pages, and make your research easier.

  • DeSoto National Forest Black Creek Trail narrative with photos, on Shane's hiking journal, great read, on "ThePlaceWithNoName" website. Good one.

  • General site by Jim Sneed is interesting in the wealth of information pertaining to hiking preparedness. A resident of Mississippi, Jim does most of his hiking in the Black Creek Wilderness in southern Mississippi. But the page has more information about other areas. We don't normally provide links within these "state" pages to such non-specific sites, but this is one worth looking at, and darn it, the guy even looks like the perfect hiker.

  • Tuxachanie Trail basic, basic, basic info only, with address for trail permit.

  • Tuxachanie Trail directions and miscellaneous info on the trailrunner website.

  • Vicksburg National Military Park Lots of hiking and park info. Lots of Patch info too. Hmmm...why all the prices for patches? Ahh! This site is maintained by the Order of the Arrow, Yustaga 385. Gulf Coast Council, Boy Scouts of America. Explains the patches. But hey, the trail info here is probably better than what you'll find at the NPS site.

You Lock Miss Hippie?

Classic line from a Bill Bryson book, in which he is stopped at a traffic light in a small junker vehicle with out-of-state plates, whereupon a Mississippi law enforcement official pulls up alongside and asks, "You lock Miss Hippie?"

And if you do lock to hike in Miss Hippie, you ought to check out Hiking Mississippi: A Guide to Trails and Natural Areas by Helen McGinnis. This is a highly regarded guide, and this link goes to amazon and will save you quite a few bucks off the store price. This book is recognized as the best for Miss Hippie, and we recommend it here without hesitation.

-- Rick Bolger

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