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Minnesota Hiking Trail Finder

This site is designed to provide quick, organized access to informative Minnesota hiking websites. Hiking enthusiasts like you have created excellent web pages on Minnesota hiking trails -- then posted those pages on free web servers -- only to be ignored by search engines. The purpose of this site is to provide a way to find these personal hiking pages, and make your research easier.

  • Border Route Trail The 80-mile Border Route Trail spans border lake country; 40 miles of the trail lies within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wildnerness (BWCAW), which requires a permit. On the western edge, acces can be gained at Gunflint Lake and several other points. The route dips below Rose Lake, skirts the northern edge of Clearwater Lake and continues east between John and MacFarland Lakes, heads south to Otter Lake and finishes with an eastern leg to the intersection of Swamp River and the Otter Lake Forest Road. This site, on, includes directions and a downloadable map.
  • Border Route Trail Here's the official website, of The Border Route Trail Association, which was incorporated in 2004 to coordinate the maintenance and increase public awareness of the trail. Their website is quite comprehensive; complete information on regulations, outfitters, trail heads and announcements of upcoming trail clearing events on the Border Route Trail.
  • Britton Peak Trail in the Tofte area. Directions to short but awesome trail.
  • Carlton Peak Trail in the Tofte area. Directions and brief overview.
  • Cascade River State Park brief trail descriptions and downloadable map. Site maintained by North Shore
  • Cove Point Spur Trail Section of the Superior Hiking Trail accesses the dramatic cliffs above the Beaver River and at the Fault Line Ridge.
  • Crosby Manitou State Park including Manitou River Trail section of SHT. Site maintained by North Shore
  • Devil's Kettle famous disappearing waterfall in C.R. Magney state park. Directions & downloadable map.
  • Eagle Mountain trail to Minnesota's highest point; directions, permitting info, description & downloadable map.
  • General Site "Trail Tales" gives glimpses of some special hiking trails in Minnesota. Written by Doug Shidell.
  • General - Outdoorsy Club Here's, which stands for NorthStar Trail Travelers. This group is a slacker's dream come true; they arrange several non-competitive walks and a snowshoe event each year in assorted Minnesota State Parks. NSTT sets up about six miles of trails in each park -- and get this -- even sets up shorter loops so that you can get back to the club picnic faster. How can you beat that? Seriously, this is a good bunch of folks with a great social scene who are "Dedicated to folkssports in Minnesota State Parks."
  • General Site Hiking in Minnesota by A1 Trail Guides. includes links to brief trail descriptions, hiking clubs, info, tips, etc.
  • General - Minnesota's 7 Summits here's a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at 7 popular "climbs" in Minnesota, possibly one of the easiest peakbagging lists yet created. Fact is they are very enjoyable hikes, and you won't need any seige tactics or sherpas to tackle these.
  • Gooseberry Falls State Park includes Castle Danger Trail. Site maintained by North Shore
  • Grand Portage Trails includes Grand Portage State Park trails, Mount Rose trail, more.
  • Gunflint Trail and North Shore of Lake Superior includes Caribou Rock, Topper Lake, other hard-to-find trail links. Good site with many trails described.
  • Gunflint Trail Area North Shore of Lake Superior. Includes helpful directions and descriptions for George Washington Memorial Pines, Northern Light Lake & Blueberry Hill Trails, Honeymoon Bluff, Caribou Rock & Split Pine Trails. Site by North Shore
  • Irontrail Region The Iron Trail Region is home to two state forests, the Cloquet Valley and the George Washington. It is also encompassed by 320,000 acres of the Superior National Forest. Wildlife is abundant, and the area hosts more breeding birds than any other region in the state. You'll hike over granite upheavals, ancient glacial ridges, and the Laurentian Divide. Link fixed 5/07.
  • Judge C.R. Magney State Park trail descriptions, directions, downloadable map. (Wonder if his first name was "Charlie" -- When I was a kid, I thought "Charlemagne" ah, nevermind.)
  • Kadunce River State Wayside description and directions for this 2 mile RT trail.
  • LeVeaux Mountain Trail in the Lutsen Cascade Area. Directions and brief description.
  • Lookout Mountain Trails on the Laurentian Divide. Includes overview, geology, map, more. Nice site.
  • Mesabi Trail Description, excellent photos, map of this 132 mile trail.
  • Oberg Mountain Trail in the Lutsen Cascade Area. Directions and brief description.
  • Schroeder/Temperance Area includes Cross River Wayside section of SHT and Temperance River State Park Trails, with map. Site maintained by North Shore
  • Split Rock River Trail This is one of the premier day hike loops on the SHT. At Splitrock Lighthouse State Park.
  • Split Rock River Trail and Split Rock Lighthouse State Park trails with description and downloadable map. Site maintained by North Shore
  • Superior Hiking Trail is a long distance footpath modeled after the Appalachian Trail that follows the shore of Lake Superior in northeastern Minnesota. It was conceived by a group of visionaries in the mid-1980's who banded together to form the Superior Hiking Trail Association. This is their homepage.
  • Superior National Forest Trails The Superior National Forest offers 400+ miles of hiking trails with a wide range of environments. Trails vary from hilly terrain with scenic overlooks, while others run through swamps, across streams and by lakes. Very thorough site maintained by the Kekekabic Trail Club.
  • Silver Bay/Tettegouche includes Silver Bay section of SHT and trails at Tettegouche State Park. Includes downloadable map. Site maintained by North Shore
  • Twin Lakes Trail entirely within the Silver Bay City limits or Tettegouche State Park. The Trail crosses three ATV or snowmobile trails on its way to Bear Lake with some nice views of the city of Silver Bay.
  • Two Harbors Area Part of Superior Hiking Trail. Site maintained by North Shore
  • Vermillion Gorge very nice description and photos of this trail in the Crane Lake area.
  • Voyageurs National Park This is a Voyageurs hiking page on John William Uhler's National Park website. If you haven't stumbled upon this site yet, it's about time you did. Uhler builds sensible, easy-to-follow websites. This page describes a range of hikes from simple to advanced, and provides all sorts of helpful details. Sometimes I think the NPS ought to just bag their own site and refer everyone to this guy. This is a must click if you're headed to Voyageurs.

You're Gonna Make it After all....

Why is it that two minutes off a busy boulevard you can find yourself in a secluded pine grove, at a disused lake, with animals quietly scurrying about? How does Minnesota do it? Leave the bucolic setting, drive two minutes down an unpaved road in another direction, when suddenly -- wham -- you're at another busy intersection where the drivers take and give no quarter. Minnesotans voted against Ronald Reagan, and later, against Walter Mondale too! I can't figure it out either.

A couple of people did figure out the hiking situation, I'm glad to say. One I can heartily recommend is Tom Watson's Twin Cities: 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles. This is just about the best book you'll find for urbanites longing for the outdoors. Very well done.

As for Minnesota at large, I haven't studied the current offerings enough to say which of the many is the one to pick. But I can tell you that an old favorite is Walking Minnesota by Mary Jo Malach. It's completely out-of-print, but I put this link up because sometimes you can find a used copy offered on Amazon. If you see one, grab it -- not many copies of this were printed to begin with. It's a very well written guide.

Just for fun: Eller, Page, Marshall and...

Carl Eller, Alan Page, Jim Marshall. If you immediately knew that the fourth member of the Purple People Eaters was Gary Larsen, give yourself 3 slackpacker trivia points. If you live in Minnesota you only get 2 points. If you rooted for Verne Gagne against Nick Bockwinkle, you only get 1. Sorry, those are the rules.

-- Rick Bolger

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