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Orange Crate Art - Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks

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California Hiking Trail Maps

This site is designed for quick access to California hiking trail maps. Some of these are free, some are sold by and similar, well-known and reputable vendors.

Sequoia Kings Canyon topo and trails map

Trails Illustrated Sequoia & Kings Canyon
National Geographic

USGS-based Trails Illustrated maps are more current than USGS maps and are specifically designed for recreation use showing trails, facilities, trail highlights, parking, etc. Printed on paper-like recycled plastic which I've found to be extremely durable. Projections are 1:111,850/1:62,500. Awesome, excellent map for these "twin" National Parks. This is an link, which will save you a few bucks off the retail price.

free topo map download

Vogelsang Pass Area, Yosemite National Park Free Download

This is a .jpg on the website. If it shows small and blurry on your browser, just enlarge the photo. (Sometimes the latest versions of Internet Explorer scale a photo to fit your screen.)

free topo map download

USGS Topo Maps California Free Downloads

Here's the Main site at UC Davis for free downloads of topo maps.

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